Restons Solictors Business Services
Positive customer engagement to support effective collections

Contact Methods

Engagement is at the forefront of our approach. Restons strive to provide every opportunity for our client's customers to discuss their case(s) and agree amicable solutions to prevent action taking place.

To achieve this, Restons implement a series of contact methods to achieve the best possible outcomes which can be integrated into our bespoke litigation strategies: 


Restons' multifaceted engagement strategy means that our client’s customers are provided every opportunity to discuss their case by whichever means they prefer.

Request a Callback

Restons offer the ability to book a callback at a time that is the most suitable. This ensures that our Client’s customers can guarantee that their case can be discussed at any point in the next seven days. Restons also extend opening hours to ensure there is availability outside the standard working day, so everyone has the opportunity to discuss their case.

Online Account

We understand that many people may prefer not to communicate with our office by telephone. We therefore offer the opportunity to log into an account online which provides access to:

Automated Telephone System (IVR)

Furthermore, Restons have a automated telephone system which allows customers to:

What Makes Restons Different?