About Us

Restons Solicitors Limited assists a number of market leaders in the Finance, Debt Purchase and Utility sectors with both secured and unsecured collections.

With no aspirations to be a full legal services provider, we instead prefer to concentrate all our energy into helping our clients deal with the challenges and opportunities presented in the collections arena.

Integral to the successful handling of our volume collections activity is the advice and support we offer to our clients on all aspects of recoveries, including the most complex CCA regulation issues.

A fundamental understanding of commercial, reputational and compliance issues together with a focused, proprietary interest in our clients’ receivables means that we continue to excel in terms of recoveries, client satisfaction and complaint avoidance.


Systems & Processes

Information Technology is at the forefront of our business. Our in-house case management system provides unparalleled event driven collections software tailored to our clients’ own specification. With no licensing constraints we can offer total flexibility in terms of workflow design, reporting and invoicing. Our IT department is both extremely flexible and responsive to the needs of our business and clients.

Our Core Values