Corporate Responsibility


As a long established firm of solicitors which has been based in the same town for over 30 years we know what sustainability really means.

We understood the importance of playing a part in the community well before the phrase “corporate responsibility” became as popular as it is now. Our Chairman has a long and distinguished record of serving on the boards of local and regional agencies/organisations striving to maintain economic growth in both Warrington and the North West. We have been involved in and advised on a number of major infrastructure projects designed to promote and assist local enterprise.

Our investment in the local community has never been limited to just business or buildings. Providing real work-place opportunities and training to local young people has always been a core objective of our recruitment strategy. We have strong links with local schools and are proud of our long standing partnership with Warrington Collegiate who refer school leavers to us under the apprenticeship scheme. Our commitment to “Investment in People” is confirmed by the average length of service for many of our staff.

Through our partnership with Warrington Voluntary Action Group we actively support a range of local charities by seconding staff to assist. Helping our local hospital, retirement home or community group is not just a rewarding and worthwhile experience but an integral part of our training and development programme.

In addition to the above secondments Restons are actively involved in two local charities. We are proud to be one of a number of firms involved in the “corporate challenge” organised by St Rocco’s – an organisation which has done much for both the town and the region. Proceeds from fundraising days and events organised by us during the year will be donated to Claire House Children’s Hospice. Based in the Wirral this charity provides incredible and positive support and assistance in the most difficult of circumstances.

Formal recognition of our commitment to the environment and green issues in general, is reflected by the award in January 2010 of ISO9001 and our goal of achieving accreditation under ISO14001. The firm is a member of the Legal Sector Alliance and we all receive education and training on how to reduce our carbon footprint both as a firm and as individuals. Our Environmental Policy is designed to control and diminish (as far as possible) our waste and hence impact on the environment. We are delighted that independent verification confirms that we recycle just under 97% of our waste.

As a firm, we have always encouraged each other and the wider community to have a real understanding of environmental issues. For many years our company secretary was a board member and legal advisor to the Cheshire Wildlife Trust. On a slightly different scale, well before the importance of bees to our eco-system became publicised by environmentalists and the media, our Chairman was an avid beekeeper – distributing the fruits of his labour to a grateful workforce.

In addition to firm-wide policies, individuals are encouraged to take part in charitable events and long-term community roles.


Our values

Underpinning our business, indeed everything we do, is the set of values and behaviours which guide us.

  • Attainment of excellence – ‘good enough’ is not good enough;
  • Outstanding teamwork;
  • Trusted relationships with our clients and 3rd parties;
  • Creativity & enterprise.

Our relationship with others is characterised by a combination of honesty; confidence; respect for values and people; a sense of humour and proportion, and a culture of open dialogue.

Our clients

We count ourselves privileged to have been appointed to work with an impressive array of market leading financial institutions and that often our relationships can be measured in decades.

Our work

We often work in challenging situations dealing with others whose own aims and outcomes are diametrically opposed to that of our clients. We never lose sight of the fact that all collections activity must balance the aim of cash recovery against decisions that could have wider implications for their business.

Our expertise, commitment & technology invariably sees our results at the very top of our clients’ performance league tables.

Our performance

Our performance is recognised by our clients as being integral in helping them achieve their stated business objectives both in terms of collections targets and budgets.

A supportive leadership team together with a knowledgeable, well trained and confident workforce finds us often exceeding expectations as well as delighting our clients with our achievements.

Our Core Values