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Court Claim and Judgment

Following a Letter of Claim being sent, Restons can issue claims via the County Court Business Centre (CCBC). Accounts where contact has been established will be swept out of our bulk process. Prior to issuing the claim(s), Restons will ensure that our client's expected costs are in-line with an agreed portfolio strategy.

Disbursements (Court Fees)

On issuing the claim disbursements (the fee payable to the court to instigate proceedings) are incurred. Disbursements are prescribed by the court and increase incrementally with the value of the claimed amount.

Disbursements range from £25 (Up to £300 original debt value) through to 4.5% of the value of the claim (where original debt value is greater than £10,000 and up to £100,000). Please click here for further information. Disbursements are invoiced to our client and payable to Restons within 7-14 days. 

While the disbursement is payable to Restons, the value of the disbursement is also added to the customer's balance and is now recoverable. This means that the customer is required to repay the disbursements in addition to the original debt value.

Solicitors Costs

Solicitors costs are also added to the balance by the court on two separate occasions: 

  1. Issuing the Claim
  2. Entry of Judgment

Solicitors costs are also recoverable and are added to the balance by the court. Please click here for further information.

Entry of Judgment

Where a County Court Judgment is entered, the balance will be comprised of:

  1. Original Debt Value
  2. Disbursements (Court fees)
  3. Solicitors Costs
  4. Interest (where applicable)

Upon entry of Judgment, Restons can request that the amount owed is paid by instalments or forthwith (immediately).

If the Judgment balance (including associated Court fees and Solicitors costs) is paid within one calendar month from being entered, the County Court Judgment can be marked as cancelled. 

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