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Warrants of Control

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What is a Warrant of Control?

A Warrant of Control is where a County Court Bailiff is instructed to recover an amount of money relating to your County Court Judgment (CCJ). The Bailiff will visit your property to levy on goods, or collect payments to the value of the outstanding Warrant.

There may be an opportunity to avoid contact from the Bailiff once a Warrant of Control has been issued. We can set a payment arrangement with you directly, where we will write to the Court to suspend the Warrant once you begin making payments in line with the arrangement.

I can’t afford to pay the Warrant in full, what can I do?

If you are unable to pay the balance of the Warrant in full, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01925 426100 to discuss a repayment solution in line with your own personal circumstances.

Once an arrangement is agreed, we can write to the Court to suspend the Warrant, preventing further action from taking place. Alternatively, please complete a financial statement online here: or via the Restons Mobile App to submit an offer of repayment.

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