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Credit Files

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Who will update my credit file and how quickly will this happen?

Once our client has received cleared funds in settlement of the account, they will arrange for your credit file to be updated. This is not done by Restons Solicitors Limited. Please note that your credit file will not be updated with each payment that is made towards the balance.

If you have any other questions regarding this please contact our client directly.

How does my credit file impact me?

If a County Court Judgment (CCJ) is entered against you, it will remain registered on your credit profile for 6 years. Your credit information is checked by lenders when you apply for credit, and a CCJ can negatively affect your ability to get a loan, credit card or even a bank account.

However, once the balance owed under the CCJ is repaid, we can write to the Court to request that the CCJ is satisfied. Satisfying a CCJ may have a positive impact on your credit file.

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