Our values

Underpinning our business, indeed everything we do, is the set of values and behaviours which guide us.

  • Attainment of excellence – ‘good enough’ is not good enough;
  • Outstanding teamwork;
  • Trusted relationships with our clients and 3rd parties;
  • Creativity & enterprise.

Our relationship with others is characterised by a combination of honesty; confidence; respect for values and people; a sense of humour and proportion, and a culture of open dialogue.

Our clients

We count ourselves privileged to have been appointed to work with an impressive array of market leading financial institutions and that often our relationships can be measured in decades.

Our work

We often work in challenging situations dealing with others whose own aims and outcomes are diametrically opposed to that of our clients. We never lose sight of the fact that all collections activity must balance the aim of cash recovery against decisions that could have wider implications for their business.

Our expertise, commitment & technology invariably sees our results at the very top of our clients’ performance league tables.  

Our performance

Our performance is recognised by our clients as being integral in helping them achieve their stated business objectives both in terms of collections targets and budgets.

A supportive leadership team together with a knowledgeable, well trained and confident workforce finds us often exceeding expectations as well as delighting our clients with our achievements.

Our Core Values